Bi Folding Doors

Bi Folding Doors have rapidly grown in popularity over the past ten years and are now recognised as a must have feature in the design of new build homes, new extensions or renovations.

The reasons for this rise in popularity relate to space, versatility, light and of course bringing the outside, in.

A folding door allows you to create a 90% clear opening which will transform your living space, making them a fantastic alternative to traditional french doors or patio doors which only offer a 40% clear opening. Just imagine the benefits a bi-folding door could bring to your home!

Each Origin bi-folding door comes with a unique serial number that Origin guarantees at the property for twenty years. They are fitted with multi point locks as standard to ensure that your bi-folding doors give your home the best level of security.


Benefits include:

Maximised Light

Excellent Energy Efficiency

Added Home Security


All doors are available in white as standard with a choice of colour finishes.